Friday, June 4, 2010

The Outdoor Bathroom

If you've ever explored the world's warmer climates, you've noticed that as the temperatures rise and the people get poorer, more things happen outside.  There are convenience stores in tents.  Buses lose their roofs.  And occasionally, the bathroom is actually outside.

This photograph was taken in a country that shall remain nameless.  But here's a hint -- it's within one degree of the equator.  At that latitude, the jungle is especially steamy.  You think you have mold problems in your bathroom?  Imagine what it's like in a place where the humidity never falls below 90%.

In these cases, the roof can be dispensed with.  The walls, too.  The fact of the matter is that it rains every day, and people just get used to it.  They're not afraid of a little water.  And apparently not afraid of any creepy crawlies from the jungle from infiltrating the loo.

It was a little disturbing taking care of business with the full-on sounds of the jungle echoing around me.  But everything worked out in the end.

Why no pictures of the toilets?  Well, that's just weird.

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