Monday, October 26, 2009

Global Architecture Blog Launched

Welcome to the Global Architecture Blog.

This project is an offshoot of the Glass Steel and Stone global architecture web site.

No publication, web site, or blog can adequately catalog everything happening in the world's architecture. The world is simply too big, and there are too many projects being built all the time. That's not what the point of this blog is.

The Global Architecture Blog's goal is to present interesting bits of information, photos, stories, and the occasional long-form piece about the world's built environment. From the most massive skyscrapers to lonely cottages out on a prairie somewhere.

In my wanderings around the world for Glass Steel and Stone I've come across a number of interesting things that don't quite fit into any category for the web site, and thus have been discarded. This blog will be a place for those things. Sometimes will be video of a pretty sunrise over a skyline. Sometimes it will be a photo capturing street life in a particular city. Sometimes it will just be random thoughts and observations as I travel to a new city.

I welcome your photos, observations, thoughts, and videos of places you've been, too.  Just e-mail me what you've got. The address is  I'll share them with the world right here.

Once again, thanks for reading the Global Architecture Blog. To get an idea of what's ahead, visit our sister publication: The Chicago Architecture Blog.

And in the spirit of all things social, you can also visit our architecture discussion forum, our Global Architecture Flickr pool, follow our Twitter feed, or become a fan on Facebook.

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