Friday, October 30, 2009

Animation: Seattle's Next Big Earthquake

The Washington State Department of Transportation wants to replace the Alaska Way Viaduct.  If you don't live in the Northwest, you may not be certain exactly what this is.

If you've ever been a tourist in Seattle, you'll remember it as the triple-decker street that separates downtown from the water.  You go under it when you go to the ferry or the aquarium or any of the other attractions on Elliott Bay.

WSDOT is worried about the viaduct collapsing in the event of an earthquake.  We all remember from the last big one in San Francisco what happened when a double-decker roadway failed.

It illustrate the possibilities, the people in Washington have put together a very informative, and visually gripping, animation showing what might happen if there was another earthquake about the same size as the last big one to hit Seattle.

It's really good stuff

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