Thursday, November 12, 2009

Building Spotlight: The Golden Poop

There's a myth amongst Japanese fans in America about a mystical building in Tokyo that looks like a giant golden poop.  Well, here it is.

It's called Asahi Super Dry Hall (1-23-1 Azumabashi, Tokyo), and is named after the beer Super Dry by the Asahi brewing company.  It's not supposed to be a turd, though.  It's supposed to be a golden flame, and representative of the opening of a can of beer.  The windows in the building back up this notion, since they're shaped like little bubbles.  The gold building next to it is the Asahi Beer Tower, which is also designed to look like a beer.  In this case, a frosty mug of brew with a foamy head.

But people will continue to think of the smaller building as a golden poo, because that's just how people are.  Like the way people in Hong Kong refer to Jardine House (1 Connaught Place, Hong Kong) as the "House of a thousand arseholes" even though they're meant to resemble portholes in reference to the ships on Victoria Harbour.

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